At Honey’s, we know that good stewardship of the earth is important and we strive to do our part. We don’t think styrofoam is good for you or the environment so we don’t use it in the store. Our cups don’t stop at merely serving a great tasting treat or cup of coffee/tea. They also do their part for the earth making use of recycled material-every ton of which prevents 60 pounds of air pollution and spares 17 trees.

And the napkins we use lets you not be shy about taking an extra one because they are made from 100% recycled material and are completely biodegradable. We have a water fountain so you can re-fill your own water bottles. Our ice cream machines are cooled with a special closed loop glycol cooling system which saves approximately 500,000 gallons of fresh water from being dumped down the drain each year.

It also results in energy savings since we don’t have to cool the air around the machines. We even chose our dairy based on their commitment to the environment. They designed their own packaging to be earth-friendly and sustainable. They ship our frozen desserts in a “super jug” that leads to 50% less product waste and are made of earth friendly recyclable HDPE plastic.

Our Community

Honey’s is committed to giving back to our community. Not only do we help organizations fundraise through give back days where we give 20% of all sales back to the not for profit, we also sponsor a wide variety of local events. From the kids triathlon to chamber events, we choose events to sponsor that contribute to the quality of life we want for our community.

Our World

Honey’s donates 10% of all Honey’s profits to Grace English School located in Assam, India. Located in the village of Tarapur outside the town of Silchar, and surrounded by rice paddies and tea gardens, Grace English School is a Christian school which strives to provide quality education to marginalized rural children at an affordable cost.

Grace also has a hostel attached to the school, to board students who might not otherwise be able to get to school every day. The Huffman’s have a long relationship with the organization that runs Grace English School and visit the school often. Located by the cash registers you will find a donation box for additional donations to be made to the school. Because of the generosity of our community literally thousands of dollars have been raised for Grace English School.