Honey's FSVB_3 (Coffee Upfront)

Honey's FSVB_3 (Coffee Upfront)


Flavors of the Day

Tropical Sorbet  (non-dairy)

Raspberry Gelato

Yellow Cake Batter Gelato

Honey Cinnamon Graham Cracker

Cookies 'n Cream

Premium Chocolate Custard

Key Lime Pie

Blackberry NSA

Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel


Tahitian Vanilla NSA

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun

What makes our frozen desserts so incredibly delicious?

The dairy we use!

Honey Hill Farms, located in Russellville, Arkansas, has over 65 years of experience crafting gourmet, frozen,  soft-serve desserts. To guarantee the freshness of their dairy items, a new production process begins each day. Unlike other dairies, Honey Hill Farms milks their cows each morning and uses that milk to prepare the premium custard, gelato, and frozen yogurt the same day. Our products are only flavored using solids like real fruit purées, vanilla beans, cakes, cocoas, nuts, coffees, and cookies. This old world craftsmanship cannot be found anywhere else in the market today.

How do we get the best coffee and tea the world has to offer?

Buying direct from coffee farms and tea gardens around the world!

Rising Star Coffee Roasters, located in Cleveland, Ohio, supplies the very best coffee, because they carefully select specialty grade coffees from around the world. They roast the beans to optimize the flavors, and immediately package and ship to us to insure maximum freshness.

Our teas come from a variety of master tea blenders. They travel to China, Africa, and South America to insure we get the best the world has to offer in aroma, body, complexity, and taste of loose leaf teas. We personally travel to India and hand select their finest teas available in the region.